Austrian Apiculture Programme 2017 - 2019

The new “Austrian Apiculture Programme 2017 - 2019” for measures to improve the conditions for the production and marketing of apiculture products was notified on 14 June 2016 and approved by the European Commission on 5 July 2016. For the next three-year period, funds in the amount of € 5.244 million will consequently be available to our beekeepers for various measures.

Based on the success of the Apiculture Programme 2013 – 2016 a few proven actions will be continued in the new Austrian Apiculture Programme 2017 - 2019. In particular, however, the measures concerning bee health will be redesigned in view of the new Austrian Bee Health Programme 2016 and the measures in the field of information and knowledge transfer have been bundled by the establishment of a network unit (“Biene Österreich”). In this way, efficiency is to be further improved and funds are to be used in an even more targeted manner.

The following measures are part of the Apiculture Programme 2017 - 2019:

  1. Technical assistance to beekeepers and beekeepers' organisations;
  2. Combating beehive invaders and diseases, particularly varroasis;
  3. Rationalisation of transhumance;
  4. Measures to support laboratories for the analysis of apiculture products with the aim of helping beekeepers to market and increase the value of their products;
  5. Measures to support the restocking of hives;
  6. Cooperation with specialised bodies for the implementation of applied research programmes in the field of beekeeping and apiculture products.

For the new three-year apiculture funding period, which started on 1 August 2016 and will end on 31 July 2019, altogether € 5.224 million of public funds will be available to our bee-keepers with the co-financing funds granted by the European Union. This means that, compared to the old programme, an additional amount of about 355,000 euros of public funds will be used for the beekeeping sector.

 The Programme will be implemented in the framework of a special guideline of the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, which will still be adopted on the basis of this Apiculture Programme.

published at 11.05.2017, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)