EMAS – the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

EMAS is the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme; its tasks are performed on a legal basis. Organisations of the private sector and the public sector are invited to voluntarily participate.

The objective of EMAS is to continuously improve the environmental performance of companies and organisations. EMAS helps organisations address and eliminate their ecological and economic weaknesses, raise their resource and energy efficiency and thus save costs.
EMAS is therefore not only of use to the environment but benefits also companies and the administration.

What’s the benefit of EMAS?

The positive experiences of companies and organisations in Austria confirm:

EMAS produces many benefits, saves costs and improves the reputation of EMAS-registered companies and organisations in the public.

Legal certainty

EMAS benefits include simplifications in company administration, improved relations with the authorities and with persons in the neighbourhood, motivated employees and satisfied customers as well as reductions of energy and resource consumption and of waste volumes.

The eco-management and audit system also increases legal certainty.

EMAS is a tool dedicated to precautionary environmental protection and enables environmentally aware, innovative organisations to fulfil the relevant legal requirements (“legal compliance”).

Administrative simplification

With the Environmental Management Act 2001 numerous administrative simplifications were implemented for EMAS organisations. For example, modifications in installations of EMAS-registered companies have been subject to a simpler registration procedure since then.
Companies which passed a first environmental audit according to the EMAS Regulation can apply for a "consolidated notice of authorisation" which summarises all authorisations granted for an installation under federal environmental law in one single notice.


  • EMAS provides transparency.
  • EMAS creates trust in the company.
  • EMAS creates credibility due to independent audits by environmental verifiers.
  • EMAS saves costs by reducing paper consumption and waste volumes.
  • EMAS reduces energy and water consumption.
  • EMAS increases legal certainty and ensures legal compliance.
  • EMAS involves the organisation’s employees and creates awareness as regards the benefit of environmental protection at company level.
published at 18.11.2015, Abteilung Präs. 5 - Kommunikation und Service