Nature and species protection

The BMLFUW promotes a modern approach to nature conservancy aimed at preserving biological diversity for future generations. This is done to safeguard our bases of life and due to the intrinsic value of nature.

The BMLFUW’s special goals in nature conservation and species protection are
- to preserve the biodiversity of species and ecosystems by promoting the establishment and operation of protected areas and by supporting the species protection programmes;
- to utilise natural resources in a sustainable and environmentally benign manner through environmentally compatible agriculture;
- to promote nature conservation as an overall task of society by taking public-relations and awareness-raising measures.

The BMLFUW works out, supports and manages projects in nature conservation and awards research projects carried out by external partners.

The BMLFUW makes available to the public publications, scientific studies and general information on nature conservation and species protection.

The BMLFUW supports the Federal Provinces in their efforts in national and international nature conservation (Natura 2000, National Parks, international conventions on nature conservation).

The BMLFUW is the contact for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other international organisations (Ramsar, UN organisations, EUROPARC...) and is in contact with institutions and experts in Austria and abroad.

The BMLFUW uses the Federal Environment Agency to be able to offer up-to-date technical information on the state of nature (Red Lists of endangered species and habitats) to the public.

A key challenge for nature conservation is the world-wide loss of biological diversity, which is mainly a consequence of human activities. The BMLFUW will also in the future work to find solutions to this challenge on international level as well as in cooperation with Austria’s nine Federal Provinces.