Report of the European Commission on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive

The European Commission published its report on the implementation of both Directives in the form of a communication on 9 March 2015.

This communication is based on two working documents of the Commission, which contain a summary evaluation of the state of implementation of both Directives by the Member States. The bases of the two working documents are the management plans published by the Member States for the first period 2009-2015, as well as the notifications of the Member States to the European Commission to be made according to the requirements of the Directives.

This communication COM (2015) 120 final aims in particular at giving impulses for the management plans for the second period 2016-2021 to be completed by the Member States by the end of 2015. The two working documents of the Commission contain important background information on the individual aspects of implementation.

published at 17.07.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)