Federal Water Engineering Administration

So, protecting human lives and belongings from floods and mudslides is still at the heart of the activities conducted by the Federal Water Engineering Administration.

Austria is at considerable risk of being afflicted by natural disasters. With their huge destructive potential, floods, mudslides and avalanches threaten valley floors situated in mountainous regions; long-lasting, large-scale floods affect the living environments and economic regions in the plains and hills. Without flood control, Austria’s river valleys would be uninhabitable.

In this process, the “river engineers” strive to take into account ecological requirements and to leave water bodies and the landscape as unspoiled as possible when conducting their hydraulic-engineering projects.

However, in order to protect enclosed settlements, important industrial plants and plant locations, it is absolutely necessary to control rivers and streams.
Outside these zones requiring intensive control measures, the necessary flood protection is provided by the construction of flood retention basins and by the reintegration of natural inundation areas. Wherever possible, those responsible strive for adapting the utilization and management of flood-prone areas by way of encashment and compensation payments, in line with “passive flood control”.
By identifying flood-discharge areas and hazard zones systematically, the Federal Water Engineering Administration prepares expert opinions for local spatial planning and informs the population about natural hazards.
Federal Water Engineering Administration contacts are the Ämter der Landesregierung (Offices of the Provincial Governments) as well as Division I/10 – Flood Control Management in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Phone: (+43 1) 71100 - 607138
Email: heinz.stiefelmeyer@bmnt.gv.at

Vice Director
EU Floods Directive
Phone:  (+43 1) 71100 - 607135
Email: drago.pleschko@bmnt.gv.at

Mr. Ernst FALTL
Official in charge of the Federal Provinces of Lower Austria,
Upper Austria and Vorarlberg
Phone:  (+43 1) 71100 - 607140
Email: ernst.faltl@bmnt.gv.at

Ms. Gabriele HANDL
Phone: (+43 1) 71100 - -607107
Email: gabriele.handl@bmnt.gv.at

Mr. Herbert HELLER 
River engineering chart
Phone:   (+43 1) 71100 - 607134
Email: herbert.heller@bmnt.gv.at

Mr. Clemens NEUHOLD
EU Floods Directive
Phone:   (+43 1) 71100 - 607159
Email: clemens.neuhold@bmnt.gv.at

Martin WENK, MA
EU Floods Directive
Tel.:   (+43 1)71100-607160
Email: martin.wenk@bmnt.gv.at


Phone:  (+43 1) 71100 - 607136
Email:  maria.salmhofer@bmnt.gv.at


Mr. Franz SCHMID
Hazard Zone Planning
Phone: (+43 1) 71100 - 607103
Email: franz.schmid@bmnt.gv.at


Expert flood database
Phone Tel.: (+43 1) 71100 - -607153
Email: ingo.schnetzer@bmnt.gv.at


Ms. Birgit UNDEN
Official in charge of internet affairs
Phone: (+43 1) 71100 - 607137
Email: birgit.unden@bmnt.gv.at

Mr. Friedrich WEIß
Official in charge of the Federal Provinces of Burgenland, Tyrol and Vienna
Phone: (+43 1) 71100 - 607157
Email: friedrich.weiss@bmnt.gv.at

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